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Back of Beyond Agro : Connecting you with small-scale dry-zone farmers in Sigiriya.

Back of Beyond Agro was born out of an urgent need to connect small-scale dry-zone farmers in Sigiriya, with consumers in Colombo and the surrounding areas.

Our fresh produce is purchased directly from small-scale farmers in the dry-zone, who are some of the worst affected communities right now, as they are unable to find markets for their harvest. We started this service on the 11th of April during the height of the Covid-19 emergency situation. Produce is now being sourced and transported to Colombo regularly and freshness is guaranteed as we ensure delivery the day after harvesting.

As we are eliminating the middle-man, we are able to get fresh produce to you quicker straight from the farmer, minimise handling, thus minimising hygiene issues during logistics, whilst ensuring a better price for the farmer.

Buy your fresh produce whilst helping rural communities. They need us the most right now.

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