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Sri Lanka often called "the pearl of the Indian Ocean" is an island, caressed by warm blue waters with 770 miles of golden sands. When travelling towards the center of the island, lush green land is sculptured into soaring mountains reminiscing of an exquisite emerald, fringed by precious gold.

This paradise island of 25,332 square miles (65,525 Sq. Km), is only 270 miles (430 Km) long and 140 miles (225 Km) wide. With sunshine, rain, marsh and mountains, and hills that reach up to the skies, breath taking cascading waterfalls, mangrove swamps, bays and beaches; Sri Lanka is a little paradise on earth. Land of the famous 'Ceylon Tea', cinnamon and other spices, the island is adorned with rivers, lakes and streams. Sri Lanka also is a wildlife sanctuary with many nature parks abundant with wildlife such as majestic elephants, the ever elusive leopards, magnificent blue peacocks and other exotic birds. With inspiring UNESCO heritage sites from ancient cities to colonial forts, with a vibrant culture including fine arts, crafts and grand festivals, Sri Lanka is a land of warm, friendly, smiling people and a home away from home where you pick the pace and you choose the mood.

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